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  AMI Products

Control System

  Manual Control Panel (MCP)

A.C. monitoring of generator.

  • Thermal overload & short circuit protection for generator.
  • Manual control of diesel engine via key start electronic module.
  • Lubrication Oil pressure, coolant temp, charge ammeter & RPM gauges monitoring of drive engine.
  • Automatic shut down with visual and audible alarm in case of: 
       a. Low oil pressure.
       b. High coolant temp.
       c. Over speed (frequency sensing) of the diesel. 


      Additional Option

    A. For Drive Engine

  • Over Cranking (tTo control numbers of manual starting trials).
  • Crank-cut to control duration of starting trial.
  • Lubrication Oil temperature Switch for protection against high Lube. Oil temperature.
  • Lubrication Oil temp. Gauge.
  • Over speed protection by MPU mounted in engine flywheel housing.
  • Exhaust temperature gauge.
  • Low water level in cooling radiator.
  • Low fuel level alarm switch in daily fuel tank.
  • B. For Alternators

  • Under & over voltage protection.
  • Over /under frequency.
  • Over / Reverse Power Protection.
  • Earth Leakage Protection.
  • kW meter.
  • kWh meter.
  • Power factor meter.
  • Signal on overload trip.
  • Alternator winding temperature measuring and/or protection.
  • Alternator bearing temperature measuring and/or protection.
  • External socket & plug 16A C/W MCB.
  • Electronic over current protection.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Manual Voltage trimmer control
  • Manual Speed trimmer. 


      Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

    ATS Panel does the automatic transfer between two sources, the Main and the Standby sources, with a complete monitoring for the two sources for the operating, the faults, the measuring and the alarm which guarantee the efficiency of load supply continuity.

  • The panel is supplied by the electricity from the two sources, the main and the standby.

  • The panel monitors the main source during the period of existing of the main source.

  • The panel gives a signal for the engine to start in case of supply fail or drop in volt to less than a pre-set threshold value or reverse of phase sequence for an adjustable period.

  • The load is then transferred to the standby generating set.

  • When the main returns to its pre-set threshold for another adjustable time, the load is retransferred to the main supply.

  • The panel keeps the genset in the running mode for an adjustable period for cooling purpose.

  • After that the panel stops the genset and return to monitoring the main supply again.

  • The panel offers charging and activation for the operating batteries from the main source using (Automatic Battery Charger) or from the generating set using (Dynamo) and provided with battery voltmeter and ammeter.

  • The panel contain the following indications:

  •                       Main ON
                          Generator ON
                          Main Loading
                          Generator Loading
                          Generator Fault
                          Main U&O volt

  • The panel contains two power contactors or two motorized circuit breakers complete with
    mechanical interlock for the transfer between the two sources. 


      Automatic Main Failure (AMF)

    AMF Panel contains both panels (MCP and ATS) in one panel. This means that the panel contains all the gauges, meters, indicators and protections of the MCP, in addition to the contactors or the Motorized Circuit Breaker, indications, alarms and the control of the ATS. 



      Parallel Operation… WHY?   
  • To increase the capacity of an existing system.

  • Size & weight may limit the use of large unit.

  • Allows non-interruption of the supply when change over occurred.

  • Allows non-interruption of the supply when servicing is required. 

  • AMI is able to design and build fully automatic synchronization panels to control up to 12 sets, 2000 kVA each with total capacity 24 MVA.



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