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Founded under the name of El-Mohandes in 1983 by Dr Eng. M. Khamis, Eng. Aly Khamis and Eng. Tarek Abdu with its headquarters in Cairo, our name quickly gained an exceptional reputation as a reliable engineering contractor. The company exhibited high skills and showed a talent for coping with multiple activities from the onset.

In 1994 substantial investment was made by Al Mohandes Co. so as to become a market leader in the Diesel generator set market and so we set an ambitious goal.

To build a modern and capable factory to ensure that we had the capability to produce the aforementioned generators, 2 years later the factory was built and we were ready for the upcoming challenge. We would be able to produce generator sets at a capacity of 500 per year; the sets produced could go up to 800KVA.

Al-Mohandes’ reputation was improving exponentially as the years went by; in 1998 AMI was accredited with the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. Shortly after this it was realized that we needed to expand in order for the company to grow. This growth was needed to meet demand for larger sets and simply more contracts. In 1999 another substantial investment was made and the following were the results:

1 – Production capacity doubled from 500 to 1000 sets

2 – Expanded range from 800 KVA to 2000 KVA

3 – A new factory to accommodate this increased activity.

5 – AMI’s export business took off as contracts from all over the middle east and Africa started to pour in.

4 – Last but not least, improving the skills of our resident engineers while investing in new staff to help us moving forward.

In 2001 it was decided that once again we should diversify our product portfolio so as to tend to consumer needs when it came to the various accessories associated with generators. A sheet metal plant was built to accommodate the manufacturing of the following accessories, they include but are not limited to:



Fuel tanks

Exhaust silencers


AMI boasts a wide array of manufacturing and engineering capabilities but it would have not succeeded without careful selection of staff. Over the years AMI has developed a school of sorts for engineers in Cairo through various educational programs and initiatives. We are proud of what we have accomplished with our staff. A culture centred around teamwork and co-operation was built and to this day it is maintained.


Company Data
 Al Mohandes International Co. - S.A.E.
 Registered Address:
 Block 59 & 61. 3rd. Industrial Zone, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.
 Postal Code 12451, P.O.Box 48 - 6th of October City.
 Tel + 20 2 38206210 / Fax +20 2 38206604

 Foundation date:
 Established under the Egyptian law 230/1989

 Total Investment:
 Equivalent to US $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million $)
 Registered Numbers:
 Tax Card No. 5432 Investment Companies
 Sales Taxes No. 212/173/227
 Industrial Registration No. 25443
 Commercial Registration No. 52 Giza
 Chamber of Engineering Industries No.1202
 Member at Private Contractors Union 5548/H

  Company Mission
AMI mission is to provide quality product, installation, after sales services and consultancy for customers maintaining business ethics and credibility.

In addition of dominating a considerable share in the local market, the technical and commercial awareness of the management foreseen possibilities of expanding business activities to neighboring countries. Export markets included Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan and other western African countries.

Quality Certificated
In 1998 AMI successfully accredited the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.


AMI Departments

AMI operates on a team work principal. A total number of employee equal to 230 including 72 specialized engineers are AMI's proud. The factory is divided into different departments.

Production Department
AMI production area is divided into four different lines of well equipped production lines, as follows:

  • Low voltage line-up to 250 kVA generator

  • Medium and low voltage line for above 250 up to 2500 kVA generator

  • Canopies, trailers, ISO containers and special products, such as irrigation power packs welding and compressor sets

  • Medium and low voltage control and distribution panels, including ATS, AMF distribution and Synchronizing panels

  • Quality Department
    Carries on a daily monitoring process for AMI product during different phases of production, The department implements high precision tools to measure the compatibility of the finished product to specifications and standards.

    After-Sales Service
    Provides quality services to end users, implementing specialized engineers, technicians, well equipped work shop and spare parts section, to ensure AMI customer satisfaction and minimum down time.

    Research and Development
    An in-house design team provides CAD's designs, drawings for AMI standard product and different solutions for power generation projects.

    Logistics Department
    This department handles company material flow from local or overseas vendors, ensuring the availability of high quality components required for manufacturing.

    Marketing and Sales Department
    Operates with a number of 12 engineers handles different business sectors, all are experienced in the field of power generation applications.


     AMI Key Personnel CV'S


          Founding Members:


    Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohammed Khamis

    Chairman, born in 1947.

    Graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, Power Mechanics in 1969, achieved his PhD in 1982 and now he is the Professor of Thermal Energy & Power Station at the El Azhar University. With more than 37 years of professional experience in Management & Strategic Planning, Feasibility studies, Technical Administration, Design, Production Technologies and Marketing.


    Eng. Aly Khamis


    Graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Power Mechanics Department in 1980. With more than 26 years of professional experience in Strategic Planning Techniques, Project Management, Feassiblity studies, Organization & Technical Administration.


    Mrs. Mona Hassan

    CEO & Managing Director, born in 1959.

    Graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Sciences in 1981. With more than 30 years of professional experience in marketing and sales of Electric Generators and related equipment in both the local & International markets, also highly skilled in exhibition management.


    Eng. Tarek Abdou

    Member of board, Technical Director, born in 1957.

    Graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Power Mechanics in 1981. With more than 30 years of professional experience in the design, production and maintenance of Diesel Generating Sets, either Industrial or Marine equipment & Electric Switchgears.


          Members of the Board:


    Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohammed Khamis  

    Mrs. Mona Hassan  

    Eng. Tarek Abdou  

    Mai Khamis

    Member of board, Procurement Manager   born in 1980.

    Graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Commerce in 2001, achieved her E-Business diploma in the American University at 2003. With 12 years of professional experience in all duty issues, suppliers relations, shipping, delivery timetables, packing, store stocking and stockpiling.


    Manal Khamis

    Member of board, Projects Manager born in 1976.

    Graduated from Faculty of Engineering Electrical Power Department in 1998, achieved her Utilization Masters in Cairo University at 2008. With 14 years of professional experience in electrical distribution design, control panel construction and design, generating set control panels, and follow up & execution projects.


    Mohamed Aly Khamis

    Member of board, Marketing Coordinator, born in 1988.

    Graduated from Oxford Brookes University, U.K.

    Marketing & Business Management BSC degree 2011.

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